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India Cricket WC squad selection on April 15 IPL final may be shifted to Hyderabad

IPL 2019 final may be shifted to Hyderabad

NEW DELHI, April 8 (PTI) The Indian team will make its April 15 selection in Mumbai for the IPL World Cup, in order to finalize the IPL in the quarter-finals, they decided on Monday instead of giving a one-week deadline for TNCA to keep the IPL final in Chennai.
     The Committee of Administrators (CoA) along with three BCCI office bearers met in the Capital to discuss various issues related to IPL and Cricket Operations. 
The end of the announcement of the World Cup squad is April 23, but the BCCI has decided to announce it eight days before the scheduled date. The World Cup will start on May 30 in the United Kingdom.

The decision was formally adopted on a previous date but was announced on Monday.
After losing in Hyderabad to take part in the final on May 12, the Chennai Super Kings team is in the right direction to prepare for the World Cup due to T-Twenty Challenge.
   Since 2012, there has been a problem with three empty stages - I, J and K - Chepauk and whenever the Tamil Nadu Cricket Association (TNCA) organizes matches (IPL or International), then three stands closed. Local municipal corporation is a suitable bound for viewers The certificate was not provided.
    The only exception was December 2012 in December, when India was playing Pakistan, there was an exception. Many believe that the state government and TNCA have more political beliefs.
    A senior BCCI official told PTI, "The three studies constitute 12,000 spectators, it looks really vague on TV while getting a completely empty status. If we qualify for playoffs, we do not want to lose CSK to the home facility." Unnaturalness
    "But we have given them weeks to get their approval if they fail to collect the certificates, the final will be shifted to Hyderabad and the play-off and Eliminator will go to Bangalore, in 2010, the Sunrise was runners-up, so they are hosting the final," he added.
    Meanwhile, CoA has decided in the mini Women's IPL which will play with three teams. Instead of playing the odd exhibition match last year, there are four games.
    According to sources, the matches will be held until 8.00 pm, which is the TV prime time for men's matches. A game will be held in Visakhapatnam and other games will be held in all the possibilities held in Bangalore.
    It has also been learned that players are told to the Steering Committee of the Players' Association for speeding up the body structure of CoA.
    "The players association is expected to take shape within the next two weeks, the process of the four-member committee has been announced faster," an official said.
    BCCI has decided to invite new tender for sponsoring domestic tournaments and international sports titles in India.
    "It will be a fresh process but PayTm can also bid but just like new bidders."
    Even the contract with BCCI's PR Company adapter for the board has expired and they have to display 'Expression of Interest' (EOI) and apply through the correct process.
    After the recovery of the account for the last 10 years, BCCI received 2.09 crore from Cricket Australia.
    A BCCI official said, "India and Australia are discussing the details of the past bilateral series, we want to get Rs 2.09 crore, the talks are still under discussion."
     Key decisions
     1. Declaration of WC squad of India on 15th April
     2. 1) TNCA paid for the empty issue in one week. 
         2) Standing in Hyderabad, Bengaluru.
     3. i) Three team mini Women's IPL ro be played in the Indian Premier League and Bengaluru.
     ii) Round robin format and final which has 4 games.
     ii) 8 pm slot for women's matches. 
     4. Players' Association's set to be formed in the next two weeks.
     5. Fresh tenders and Expression of tournament title sponsorship, new tender and interest in PR contract.
     6. BCCI set to get Rs 2.09 crore from Cricket Australia after reconciliation of accounts for the last 10 years. PTI KHS AT

BCCI has received RS 2.09 crore from Cricket Australia after the reunion of the account for the last 10 years. PTI KHS AT

Source - The Week, Times of India


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