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Liverpool: Are Jurgen Klopp feeling the pressure of the Premier League title?

Liverpool: Is Jurgen Klopp feeling Premier League title pressure?

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp is usually all hugs and smiles - but is he feeling the pressure of his side of the title challenge in the Premier League?

The Reds were at the top and the champion was at the top of seven points on Manchester City, who was second, going to play on January 3.
City won 2-1 and went on for two months, after Liverpool's four draws of eight league games, their rivals were one point behind.
Derby, against Klopp's, faced the dangerous frustration of their frustration against competing against Everton, and after the match, the strain was called near Germany.

Klopp and Goodison Park ball boy

Klopp spoke to an Everton ball boy who sarcastically clapped in his direction after the 0-0 draw at Everton

After following the Sunday match in Goodison Park, Klopp was happy when he reached the ball boy, who pushed him down the tunnel.
Klopp went to laugh after a brief exchange, but at the post-match press conference, he was upset with the journalist's question about his side reaction against Everton.
"We do not play PlayStation," Klopp said. "Do you think we are not taking enough risk today? What would you like to ask?
"It's really frustrating, I have to say.
"There's not a moment where we say: 'Come on now, throw everything in that direction'.
"You can not play like Premier League. We can take all the risks, but you can not take more than 100% risk.
"I do not think my players should be advised because they already know that we are no longer a little boy."

Let's talk about the weather...

Did snow on the pitch hinder Liverpool against Leicester?
Liverpool's top scorer, Mohammad Salah, has scored 17 league goals this season, missed two glorious prospects against Everton and won only once in the last seven games.
However, Clapp said, during the month of Storm Freya, strong winds throughout the UK brought the effect of Storm Freya, as part of its lack of cutting edge in the Derby.
The Liverpool manager said, "The wind does not help, and today there's a lot, you need to be ready for the second ball fight."
The weather has been influenced by the second time in the last two months, which Klopp blamed as a cause for fighting for it.
At the end of January, when Blues lost to Newcastle United, Liverpool had a chance to recover seven points in the City Points, and Reds played Leicester City one day later.
But the Merseysiders could draw against Foxes in the first game by 1-1 goals in Anfield.
Later, Klopp said that he believed that the pitch snow kept two points on his side.
"You see that the ball really does not roll," he said.
"If you keep the ball pretty good for 70-80%, it makes life really uncomfortable.
"The only problem is if it is in the pitch and it was actually."


After the draw in Everton, Jurgen Klopp's mood was both defiant and positive, this title was nine games left on the street and more wobble and counter emphasis was given.
Liverpool should, however, have to rediscover Mohammad Salah for at least some discovery in the last season, and it was impossible to see such a side.
Manchester City has threatened to step down after the defeat of Newcastle United on 29 January but won five straight leagues for the restoration of its authority.

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