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DRS 'is not consistent at all' - Virat Kohli

DRS 'is not consistent at all
Virat Kohli eggs his players on during the Mohali ODI
The question of the accuracy of the Decision Review System (DRS) is being questioned in two rising matches of the India-Australia series, now Virat Kohli has disrupted the public, after an embarrassed review, it is not "consistent", behind Ashton Turner in the fourth ODI in Mohali on Sunday.

This incident took place in the 44th over of Australia, when Turner tried to break leg from Yuzvendra Chahal. Turner lungs to cut a ball from inside the crease. The ball was connected to Turner's batting tail-end. Having collected the ball, Rishabh Pant whipped off the bails and appealed for what initially felt like a stumping. Still, he called Kohli to review, even the umpire Anil Chowdhury told him not to go out, and this decision was referred to the third umpire, Joel Wilson.
Even before the bat passed, Ultra Edge picked some murmurs and the ball again swinging the blade passed again after flickered. Wilson has terminated India's review in a proper manner, Kohli has expressed a slight disrespect, expressed his dissatisfaction with his head and said a few things.

Meanwhile, Turner's 41-ball innings required more than 66 runs in 39 balls. Kohli hit his innings as a "game changer" to help India beat Australia's highest run in ODIs.

Without any doubt, Kohli called the DRS decision controversial, saying, "This is a wonderful thing". He said, "It's just being said about each game, it's not just consistent and it's also a game-changing moment".

He said, "Yes, it was an unregulated, but the regulator had to make us fit, and we did not do it properly and the opportunity was reduced".

The reference to Kohli's DRS is being mentioned in Ranchi's third ODI, where a great error in the ball-tracking projection came to the spotlight when Australian captain Aaron Finch was left-handed wrist spinner, Kuldeep Yadav.

At 32nd over back pad took Australia's captain straight and Kuldeep got a stock ball, and the field umpire C Shamsuddin dismissed the batsman in LBW. Finch asked for a review, and the replays showed the peeling of the leg stump ball when it actually bounced on the middle stump.

Although pressure is applied to the leg stump, the ball can hit the stumps, but it was a significant mistake in using bat-tracking technology.

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