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10 rules that make college football better

10 rules that make college football better
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There is no easy reason for college football to become a commissioner.
When you are charged with a group of competitors filed in federal court and your job-rank-and-file employees (because you're the collector of your rank-and-file employee's caps), it's a fool to get together and person collusion to be accused. But let's pose for a few minutes that the ninth circuit docket is not available and the commissioners who have chosen the commission are not there.
And imagine that they chose me in the capacity of disqualification. I have the power to change any rules of football in my hands. So get waving of it.

Change No. 1: Overtime

The game of Patriots-Chiefs AFC Championship featured a new conversation about the NFL overtime and generally football overtime. I think we all can agree that college football overtime is far more fun and more justifiable than the NFL overtime. Both teams can retain the ball starting from the 25-yard line of the opponent and the play racetracks each additional time. In November, the LSU and Texas A&M was able to see seven overtime marathons.
But the better overtime system than the NFL is not the goal here. The best way to determine the winner is to create.
The NFL suddenly used death overtime, which could possibly end in such a way: the currency passed the goal of the field of completion of the Flip-Kickoff-Medium range. The tapas were heavily stressed, so the League started half measurements to give the losing team a chance to field, but got the opportunity to get the ball after the field goal - but not the touchdown. It is complicated as it is dissatisfied.
But the strange thing is that college football is less dependent on the coin toss than overtime.
If you win the toss in the NFL, always accept the ball. In college, you always choose the first defense game. Because your offensive strategy will change based on what the opponent is. If they score touchdowns, you know that you are going to the fourth step. If they do not score at all, you're going to run three times, try the kicker to win with his favorite spot set and a field goal.
And that's the part of the problem. It is very easy to score an overtime score of college football. The LSU-Texas and A&M game were dramatic, it was not even real football even until the end. No defense can stop the criminal offense in four neutral circumstances, and the only way to win was to pray for two-point conversion mistakes. The patron was so gassed that they could not play effectively. This is a distortion of sports as well as insecure.
So let's fix it. We still want to have a chance to both the teams. And when we do not think sometimes multi-overtime games, then we want to reduce the chances of going around three times. As more than 30% of college overtime games make it past the first overtime, it should not be very difficult. Read more...

Source - Sports Illustrated

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