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Formidable Saudis open in style at Asian Cup

Formidable Saudis open in style at Asian Cup
Saudi Arabia ruthlessly beat North Korea
Dubai: Three-time winner Saudi Arabia identified Saudi Arabia as the three-time winner while dismissing 10 men in the Asia Cup ruthlessly in North Korea, where Iraq wreaked horrors within Vietnam.

Saudi Arabia's neighbors in the United Arab Emirates in the last year's World Cup, have turned around in the United Arab Emirates, defeating North Korea 4-0 in their first Group E game.

This is a performance which has been described as a party to defeating Saudi Arabia in a continent with a continental rally, which on Monday defeated Yemen by 5-0 goals.

Green Falcon stormed in the first stages and Hatan Bahabri kept them in front of the 28th minute, Defender Rei Jean jumped inside and shot in the remote corners.

After 9 minutes, they lost 2-0, when Hussain Almoqahwi's free-kick Mohammed Al-Fatil's extra boot and former North Korea goalkeeper Ray Mayong gook.

North Korea had already had mountains to climb, but their level of adversity was worse before half-time when Han Kwang Song received its second yellow card for bringing Almoqahwi.

In the 69th minute, Salem Al-Dawsari scored the fourth goal against Fahad Al-Muwallad in the 3 minute time against the Korean opponent 3-0.

'First Game Emotions'

Earlier, Iraq's Ali Adnan came home with a great, last-minute free-kick home where former champions defeated Vietnam 3-2.
Formidable Saudis open in style at Asian Cup
Ali Adnan swept home a brilliant, last-minute free-kick as former champions Iraq twice hit back to beat Vietnam 3-2 in the Asian Cup.
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Vietnam was a heartfelt way of losing in Abu Dhabi, but after identifying this hour, Hameem Tarek did not have much to go to Jaguar than Iraq.

Iraq's coach Srecko Katanec said, "The first half was horrible."

"We did not show anything in training - there is no power, no personality, it was probably the first-game passion, the players' pressure felt a little bit."

"I knew it was a tough game," the Slovenian add. "But the most important thing was three points."

Vietnam's Golden Dragon 24 minutes after the Group D clash in Abu Dhabi, Defender Ali Faez pressured goalkeeper Jalal Hasan Hakim, fearing the pressure of Nguyen Cong Phuong.

In 2007, an emotional Asian Cup champion was rejected by the Iraq striker Mohand Ali after refusing disagreements, who got the rifle from a defensive error against the rifle from the edge of the box.

Three minutes before the Cong Phuong break, Vietnam's leadership was restored, after the tragedy of Nguyen Trong Huang's departure from the Hassan Hachim he withdrew from a close circle.

But Tareq followed more fearfully than Vietnam, defeating the second equalizer, wherever he saw the steam coming out of steam.

A lazy foul in the penalty area later gave Adnan a chance to take three points, and he was not disappointed, curling the left foot shot at the top corner, encouraging the frustration of Vietnamese players in frustration.

Monday, Iraq defeats Iraq 5-0, Iraq joins Iran in three points.

"If we want to go deeper in the tournament, we need to improve," Katanec disappointed.

"But now I have a clear picture of our overall status and we will be in the tournament."

Vietnam's coach Park Hang-seo, he did not apologize for the win in South-East Asia in December last year.

"I'm proud of my players," South Korea said. "In the end, they got tired and lost some density, but we were too bad."

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