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2nd ODI - India vs New Zealand: Rohit, spinners dominate as India go 2-0 up

2nd ODI
Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan hit half-centuries, adding 154 for the first wicket Getty Images

2nd ODI - 

In the Champions Trophy in 2017, India could not score 228 runs in 22 overs in 33 overs and they failed to defend a massive 321 runs. One and a half years later, in reply to New Zealand's one-dayers, they reached 179 in reply to 22 runs in 31 overs but failed to change it again by 350 runs. Just how far their bowling has come from, so India saved India with a convincing 324-run victory in Mount Maunganui in India.
Both India's fastest and spinner have scored more runs than the pitch than New Zealand, which means they need to take shelter for the terrible field and restrict India to 154 runs in any opening partnership. One ball between Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan. New Zealand reached the score at their reactions, they lost six wickets. Each of the first five Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Mohammad Shami, with the help of new ball, everyone lost each other from the wrist of Eugavendra Chahal and Kuldeep Yadav, and Kade Jadab's unexpected low-handed spin and MS Dhoni's deadly combination were one after another. Super quick hand.

The first half of the two cannot be more different. New Zealand wanted to take a wicket that any hopeful field was caught in the novelty. The first ball of Rohit was the innings, but the only slip was in the form of rhythm. When New Zealand miraculously reached two steps, the ball stopped swinging. Rohit and Dhawan put India in nearly four overs in almost auto-pilot mode. Their game and form were so good that the bowlers needed only a little bit of mistakes on their side by the wicket. Nine out of the first 10 overs and 25 one-dayers will play at least one boundary.

Often this happened, Rohit played more balls, played more dots, but scored more runs than Dhawan and shared more runs. Dhawan returns to the half-century in the first one-day international At half-way ground, both of them came forward towards half a century and looked evil. If you are still batting at this level you can not double a Rohit double; If not in its 80's. However, Dhawan made a small and wide ball from Trent Bolt, New Zealand started coming back again.

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